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Become Herbalife Distributor Preferred Member

How to become a Herbalife Distributor is pretty easy and straightforward in today’s online world. I have been one for two years now and earn a decent income in my spare time.


Video On How To Sign Up To Become A Herbalife Distributor

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The Herbalife Distributor Business Opportunity

There are two sides to the Herbalife distributor business opportunity. One is retail the other is sponsoring.

The Herbalife Retail

As a distributor you can retail Herbalife products to consumers. Herbalife offers over 80 different products in the weightloss, cosmetic and targeted nutrition lines.

Each new Herbalife distributor receives a 25% discount off retail. You immediately have a 25% profit margin when making sales of Herbalife products. Herbalife adds production incentives with higher discounts when certain levels of sales have been made. The next level is 35% off retail. The other two levels are 42% off and 50% off, check out herbalife prices.

Herbalife gives each distributor access to their own personal Herbalife branded website, with an optional online eCommerce store. This website is a lead generating machine that once set up… could generate business on autopilot. You don’t even have to warehouse products, Herbalife has set this up to simply drop ship products to your customers directly from the Herbalife distribution center.

Herbalife gives each distributor access to a member website that provides in-depth video training on best business practices and product training which is “state of the art” in the direct sales industry. This website is the hub for running your business.

Local support is available in almost every market across the U.S. with team meetings and product training seminars.

Herbalife Sponsoring

The Herbalife opportunity gives you the ability to sponsor others to join as a member. You can introduce others into the business with direct incentive on their success. When a member you sponsored buys or sells products you receive production credit for their sales.

Herbalife only sees bout 40% of the retail price of its products. The other 60% goes to the new distributors, the people who brought them into the business and the remainder to their up-line.

For instance:

  • When you order or retail products at the 25% discount rate, your sponsor receives the other 25%
  • When you order or retail products at the 35% discount rate, your sponsor receives the other 15%
  • When you order or retail products at the 42% discount rate, your sponsor receives the other 8%
  • When you order or retail products at the 50% discount rate, your sponsor now receives production incentives 2 – 8%
  • The up-line will receive the other 10% of the remaining 60% left over.

How to get started as a Herbalife distributor

How to get started as a Herbalife distributor is simple if you’re in the U.S. click the following image and follow the process. Herbalife offers a money back guarantee placing you in a risk free situation.

Your direct sponsor will be myself and my wife Dan & Kristen Woods who have a lot of experience in being successful running this business

Join Herbalife Independent Distributor


Purchase Herbalife Online Independent_DistributorAbout this Herbalife Distributor

Now I put this website together for you to hear from a Herbalife distributor who has not gotten rich or will claim hundreds of thousands of dollars in some push button system from Herbalife. I put this website together as an introduction to the company so you’re at least in the know about the business opportunity and can make a decision on if it’s for you. Besides, I just don’t know how much time I would have to spend in a part time job that earns $2000 per month? And if we could do it, why not you?

All of those orders you see on the about us page are retail customers and I never solicited them to join the business opportunity unless their order was extremely high. If a customer orders over $500 worth of products, I recommend them signing up because they could earn a substantial discount for doing so and save money. Just a little secret, we never warehouse products. We drop ship from the distribution center 🙂 it’s easier, faster for the customer and cheaper to do.